How do I contact you?
Simply follow the menu to "Contact Us"

Are you classes public or private?
Classes can be either.  Public classes are placed on a schedule and may be signed up for at any time.  Private classes are scheduled by contacting us.  There are advantages to each so contact us to see what works best for you or your organization.

Where are classes held?
We maintain relationships with several local companies to conduct our classes.  We can also conduct classes at your facility.

What is your primary focus?
I have a group that would like to her more about how to improve their communications.  

Do you have any presentations or key note speeches?
Yes we want to help people improve their business and their lives.  We have several presentations that range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Contact us with your needs and we will see what we can do to improve your gathering, meeting or conference.

I'm looking for someone to coach me through a very important presentation.  Can you help?
Different presentations have different needs.  Contact us for a free initial consolation to see if we can help.

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