Category : Domino Administration Domino Development

NotesPeek is a technical tool for Domino Administrators and Developers to all them to see inside the database.

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Telnet 1352

Category : Domino Administration

Sometimes we need to be able to test a connection to a server but due to networking limits we may be unable to use ping to get there.  We can use Telnet on port 1352 to do out testing.

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Prevent Agents from sending emails more than once.

Category : Formula; LotusScript; Agents

Have you ever had an agent that ran for years without any issues.  Then one day, you simply change the schedule to improve the the timing of the emails sent by the agent.  Next thing you know, thousands of emails are flying around the system resending emails that have already go out.  Some maybe years ago.  We have the solution.

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My Club Tricounty Toastmasters

Category : Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a wonderful organization to help people learn how to speak in public situation and improve their leadership skills.  My club is Tricounty Toastmasters.  We have wonderful people and processes and have help many people.  Check us out

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Starting Lotus Notes in Basic Mode

Category : Domino Administration

Have you ever had a need to run Lotus Notes on a machine that didn’t have the minimum resource requirements?  Or maybe you just wanted to get in quickly and read your mail or check your calendar.  Starting Lotus Notes in Basic Mode may be your answer.

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Saving Status Bar Entries

Category : Domino Development

Have you ever wanted to save the entries that show up in the status bar at the bottom of the Lotus Notes screen.  Simply make a change to the Notes.ini file and restart Lotus Notes.  

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Time Management Time Log

Category : Time Management

Time Management Time Log

Where are you spending your time and what can you do about it.  Once you know what is taking up your time you can make changes that will allow you to get more finished.

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Why Business Training

Category : Training

The Hard Facts about Soft Skills

There are numerous studies conducted by businesses and universities that state that people to be better communicators.  This includes one on one and group situations.  

In a survey of over 300 businesses conducted by, Association of American Colleges & Universities LEAP initiative stated 89% of employers stated that they want colleges to place more emphasis on oral and written communication. This was the highest need of any other skill, knowledge, or ability.

In a 1995 survey of Dallas executives identifies communication as a priority.

AMA 2010 survey found that 80% of the executives ranked communication abilities that most important skill needed by workers.

With surveys such as these and others, U B Successful is focusing on providing training to workers to improve these and other business skills.


After upgrading Sametime Server to 8.5.1 users using Notes 8.x Basic and older Notes clients cannot log in

Category : Sametime

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Lotus Learning Widget

Category : Lotus Notes

The Lotus Learning Widget can be helpful for users to take advantage of the Lotus Notes environment.

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